In Memoriam: Grandmaster Li Mao-Ching (1927 – 2024)

In Loving Memory

Grandmaster Li, Mao-Ching (李茂清)

Registered birth date: July 5, 1927
Actual birth date: December 26th, 1927

Passed away on July 6, 2024 (9:02am Taiwan Time)

97 years young*

*Grandmaster Li used the Chinese nominal age system, by which a person is counted as one year old on the day of birth.

Dr. Yang’s Announcement

Although I feel very saddened to learn of Master Li’s passing on July 6th (Taiwan Time), I am also grateful that he lived such a long and experienced life that has influenced so many other people. From I was 19 years old, I began my Long Fist training from Master Li until when I was 27, when I came to the United States for my Ph.D. studies (in 1973). The lessons he taught me were not just of Long Fist martial arts but also on how to be a righteous, trustful, and good person. In one way, he was my strict teacher, in another, he was also a loving and kind father.

I have had many memories with him since I was 19 until now, age 78. Many of them were of the tough training with him when I was young. However, the most precious memories were of traveling together to China, Italy, Poland, Hungry, France, and South Africa. Whenever I visited him in Taiwan, these traveling experiences were one of the topics we enjoyed talking about. Normally, he would also prepare the best Oolong tea during these hours-long gatherings.

He gave all these good memories not only to myself, but also to all the YMAA students who were fortunate to meet him. I invited him to the USA two times to meet YMAA students and give them corrections. He was so happy to meet the students and was received with the utmost respect.

The most painful visit was during November of just last year (2023) when I, my classmates, and my students Jonathan and Michelle went to see him. He was already in bad condition and lost the ability to walk. He continually brought up distressing memories from his youth when he was drafted to the war against the Japanese and the Communists. He was very emotional. After we visited him, we also went to see my Taijiquan teacher, Master Kao, Tao. I just cannot believe that these two meetings were the last visits with them. Master Kao passed away this January and now Master Li is gone.

I feel saddened, but also grateful. Their lives are worthy of celebration. I feel very fortunate that I had three treasured martial arts masters who directed my life on the right path.

Life is short. We must appreciate it and enjoy it.

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
July 7th, 2024

Grandmaster Li’s intro speech in Taiwan (2018)
Grandmaster Li’s outro speech in Taiwan (2018)

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